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Date selection

Date Selection is a part of Chinese Feng Shui. As the word reveals by itself, it is about choosing to do the right thing at the right time.
The correct Date Selection is made when various information and techniques are combined: we need to check the “10.000 years calendar” to know the Year of Birth of the person in question and apply some specific rules of Date Selection.
Very often in Feng Shui we advise our clients when is the right time (Auspicious Date) to implement changes as the wrong timing could often cause more problems then before, especially when water is involved (opening a fountain, moving a fishtank, etc.)
Thanks to these techniques, it’s possible to select the right moment to sign a contract, to get married or to apply for a job. 
Date selection is particularly helpful when you want to put a property on the market for selling or renting faster.
To calculate a Date selection which is important is to have the Date of Birth of the client.

This service is also available on-line
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