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Feng Shui is an antique philosophy that aims to establish a positive and supportive connection between human beings and the space around them. 

It is recognized that our bodies and our minds can be affected by the space in which we spend our days and nights.

You can apply Feng Shui for different reasons:

Create space that support yourself and your projects

Your environment can determine how you think and behave in life. That’s where Feng Shui comes in, as a tool to help you design a space that makes you feel good, powerful, and supported in your health and wellness goals. From a practical perspective, this means understanding how to get the best support and help from the environment you live and work in every day. For commercial spaces, Feng Shui helps increase profit, reputation, and success. Once the consultant understands the flow of Chi in your studio apartment, villa, retail space, or office, it will be easy to unblock the supportive energy called Sa Chi and to protect from the detrimental one called Sat Chi. Remember, every space has its own vibration, just as every person has its own personality. Once the consultant understands the vibration of a space, it will be easy to manage it in order to increase luck and prosperity.


Promote healthy living

Healthy living includes both physical and mental aspects of existence.

Homes in areas prone to natural hazards could lead to injury, illness, and fatalities. Inadequate ventilation can foster a buildup of indoor pollutants, radon, bacteria, and viruses.

It’s therefore a good strategy to build in the right location if you want to ensure a positive and functional atmosphere for the people living or working there. Feng Shui is mostly used to create harmonized areas and healthy living to support and promote a good lifestyle. Healthy living also means creating spaces where the natural energy of the area can link to, help, and support the energy of your living spaces. If we are in a hot country, north will probably play an important role. If we are on the sea, the vibrant energy of the ocean will definitely have a big impact on construction. If, while creating a project, you consider the impact of the existing Chi of the place, you can create a perfect, healthy environment for human beings.

Promoting a sustainable & eco-friendly lifestyle

Applying sustainable principles means helping the environment as well as helping the minds of those using the spaces. These days, more and more designers are finally understanding the necessity and importance of these practices and many of them are also incorporating the ancient Eastern practices of Feng Shui. These two principles - sustainability and Feng Shui – when applied together not only help the environment but promote positive Chi or energy that can benefit the user in multiple ways. The use of certain materials can help save the environment and avoid the depletion of natural resources, while applying Feng Shui is beneficial in that it uses natural “laws” and directional coordinates to promote positive energy within a space, which in turn promotes successful business practices and an overall positive mind and soul.

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