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Classical Corporate FENG SHUI consultation




Office space optimized by Feng Shui principles can make a difference in performance and results.

Identifying the most suitable areas for customer reception, meeting places and the back office increases productivity. Colors, furniture location and orientation can often significantly enhance the dynamics of employee and customer movement through the work space.

More and more businesses are quietly working according to Feng Shui principles because managers have recognized the need to increase overall energy in the workplace.

Ergonomics, placement principles and subtle symbolism can positively impact every aspect of the business climate, creating a comfortable and stress free working environment, attracts business, an improved feeling of safety and confidence, empower management, maximize energy focus on renewal and increases profits.

Applying Corporate Feng Shui solutions for your business can help you to become more successful and build a strong corporate identity using your energy and the energy that is already around you.

The price for a corporate Feng Shui consultation is related with the size of the office/shops/restaurant/retail,etc. and if need can include as well the study for a new brand identity.

For more informations please contact:

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