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FENG SHUI House Coach Program

“Feng Shui House coach Program" will give you practical and efficient advices on how to enhance the good & supportive energy and how to decrease the bad one, that may stop you and your loves ones in achieving goals and happiness. Thanks to the combination of a Feng Shui study of the area you live, directions, Trigrams, Hexagram and other Feng Shui techniques, you will be given practical and efficient feedback on what you should do in orther to fix the energy. 


Through the "Feng Shui House Coach Program", you can:

  • Identify the existing Feng Shui problems in your house and understanding why you may face certain situations in your daily life.

  • Discover which kind of energy you have in your place: where is your money area? Is your property attracting the positive energy from outside? etc.

  • Learn how to improve the supporting energy and how to stop the bad one. Which colors you should use in certain area? where is the best area to allocate mirrors? from which direction of your space you receive supportive Chi? etc.

  • Introduce some changes in your space (house or office) in order to support your life.

  • Fix the all house’s energy for you and your loved ones. For each family member you will know exactly what to do in order to increase their Chi.


This service is also available on-line

For more questions please contact:

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