Home Staging








Home staging  is the process of preparing a private residence for sale in the real estate marketplace.


The goal of staging is to make your home appealing to the highest number of potential buyers, thereby selling a property more swiftly and for more money.Staging techniques focused on Feng Shui principals, appeal by transforming a property into a welcoming & attractive product that anyone might want.

  • When is the best period to put your property on the market?

  • When is the exact day you should start marketing it?

  • Who would you like to sell to?

  • How can you prepare the setting according to the property vibrations?

  • Is the property better for younger or more mature people?

  • What you can do to increase the overall level of energy in order to get a higher price?

  • Those and many others questions can be answered trough a Feng Shui Home Staging consultation.

This service is also available on-line

For more information please contact: info@cristianofalconi.com