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Classical Residential FENG SHUI consultation



classical Feng Shui consultation for your apartment, villa, studio or open space can be done all all stages.

If you are moving into a new space it will be very helpful to know how organise your new home in the best Feng Shui way. If you are already living in your house since a while with a Feng Shui consultation you can recharge and realign your space’s energy without any structural work. 

As the classical Feng Shui is one of the world’s most comprehensive Feng Shui style, it’s almost always possible to find a workable approach to help improving the surroundings which affect us.

Your home is your sacred space where you nourish your family, celebrate your success, get recharged and grow your potential. Your home is your nest and reflects who you are and how you live.

Thank’s to a Feng Shui consultations you will have the balance space where your energy can grow and become more powerful. Feng Shui consultant, by working with your objectives, with the orientation of your land and home and with different principals from the classical Feng Shui will advise on how to best organising your space with furniture, shapes, colours, fabrics, etc.

The price of a Feng Shui consultation is related with the size of your home or flat (how many bedroom) and if you have garden or not.

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